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Being ‘mindful’ seems to get a lot of press these days.  You know, ‘being in the present moment’.  All of that.  At least it is in the pages I visit…. 

I like this description of being mindful by Michelle Burford.

…. Open your eyeballs to life. Clear your eardrums of interference. Give every single joy and annoyance in your day—be it a scrumptious Belgian waffle sliding down your esophagus or spam spilling over the sides of your e-mail in-box—your maximum attention. Stay out of the bike lanes marked “yesterday” and “tomorrow” and pop your wheelies in the present. Then hang this sign on the front porch of your brain: “No blaming, judging, and belittling allowed here.” Life is happening in every breath. Wake up and notice it.

If nothing else, writing this blog has caused me to take notice of my day.  (One would hope – that’s what this blog is supposed to be about!) To pay attention to my life, just as my Gran suggested. I’m not catching it all in the moment but I am learning at least to reflect upon it, even if it’s after the fact.  I figure…one step forward.

What was the purpose of this day? 

What did that particular moment mean for me?  What did it mean for the person also connected to that moment? 

Did I listen to my head, my heart, my gut?  Which won out?  Did I act against my better judgement?  How did that turn out? 

Did I feel sad today?  Happy?  Angry?  Resentful?  Delighted?  Pitiful?  Did I feel like absolute crap today?  Or optimistic, full of energy?  Probably a little of each.   If there weren’t all these feelings, both good and bad, you’d probably find me 10-feet under.  Might as well be if there wasn’t any e-motion to the day.  A mix of all the normal ups and downs that we ALL GET to experience.  

Many days, I figure there’s not much happening in my life.  But if I look hard, reflect  – there is always something going on.  As Michelle says above…. “life is happening in every breath”. 

Because whatever is happening in my life – that IS my life.  And I believe there is always meaning in that. 

listen to my breath / life ….

notice my breath / life …..

pay attention to my breath / life …..

And if I notice nothing else….well, at least I’ll realize I’m still breathing (ha! ha! ha!  Couldn’t resist).

It’s there, waiting for illumination.  

Look for it.