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It’s just what I see …..  another slice of my world, this past week.    

This week…. seeing things, choose happy food, somewhere to live, more shopping, disparity, a souq with dates, camels – more camels, thou shalt not covet, the loss of loved ones. 

What's wrong with this picture?

I'm not sure about you but I'd rather be eating happy eggs, than unhappy ones!

Not sure why this tent is here.... just sitting on the side of a busy street. Almost looks like these folks are living here.

Just what we need - another new mall!

Not quite the same football pitch as at the World Cup, is it?

The Omani Souq - one of my favorites! In this mid-afternoon heat it's dead quiet!

So quiet that I woke this guy as I pulled up! One employee still sleeping just under the fan in the back. Can you see his feet?

 (by the way, you can always ‘click’ on any picture for a closer look)

Thought I'd pay my camel friends a visit, as I was in the neighborhood.

What is with them all pointing their face upwards like this? I've never seen them do this before?

And again!

You lookin at me? I'm looking at you!

One of the neighbors has a boat.... might have to get to know them a little....!

Sisters. My great aunts. The pic is 9 years old, but Elsie on the right turned 99 Tuesday. Sadly Gertie, on the left, died at the age of 93 that same day.

The two sisters hand in hand, now letting go....

In this life of mine I may have been spared more than many from having to deal so much with this thing called death.  Up until this past year.  I don’t feel sorrow all day, all the time, every day.  But this accumulation of loss, of these loved ones, wears heavy on my spirit some days. 

However I do believe that my Gran, her brother Art and now her sister Gertie are all out there somewhere …. singing a tune together….arms wrapped around one another and sending their love our way….. always.