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November 2011:  Are We All Happy Yet?  There seems to be this striving for happiness that I see all the time in my life, in the media, with friends and family, throughout social networks.  Books are written. Songs, sermons and strategies are meant to lift us up. Broaden our smiles. Engage our happy muscles. It’s like we’re all meant to be on this wonderful, blissed out, peaceful journey with nothing but goodness and satisfaction along the way…. continue reading….

November 2011:  Home May Be 11,000kms Away But Community is Just Around the Corner. When you pick up and move 11,165 km from home you feel a little lost for a while. It’s kind of like starting school, a new job, or walking into a yoga studio for the first time, only amplified about 100 times. Continue reading…

October 2011: Practicing sthira sukham asanam: our first-born is ready to leave. Asana, or physical yoga postures, are only referenced in three of the 196 stanzas or aphorisms in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The remaining 193 describe other aspects of yoga practice, philosophy, concepts and traditions.  Yes, yoga is much more than asana. Continue reading …

October 2011:  If today you need to rest. Our yoga helps us to discern what is needed on any given day… Continue reading …

Monthly yoga articles – Qatar’s No. 1 Fashion Title, GLAM magazine 

June 2013:  Take the Weather With You

April 2013: Focus on the Simple Things

March 2013: The Art of Creating Balance

February 2013: Roll Out Your Welcome Mat

January 2013: Learning to Let Go

December 2012:  A Time for Introspection (link currently unavailable)

November 2012: Moving Forward is Essential, but Let’s Do So Authentically

October 2012: Time to Settle In: Focus on Your Breath

September 2012: What to Wear to Your Yoga Classes: Comfort and Ease is the Key

July/August 2012: Do Real Men Practice Yoga?

June 2012: A Journey Closer to Home

May 2012:  Reflect Before You Commit

April 2012: Activate It!

March 2012: Flex It!

Feb 2012: After a Cold Winter – Unwrapping the Layers to Find Warmth and Beauty

Monthly yoga articles – Qatar’s No. 1 Women’s Magazine, Woman Today

January 2012: How to Rock it in 2012 – Find a New Beginning in Each Moment

December 2011: Letting Go Just Might Move You Forward (direct link currently not working, so after clicking the link the article is on page 46)

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