I surely do give credit to each and every person who shows up to one of my yoga classes.  Each one of them comes from different circumstances in their day, in their lives.

They may be a stressed mom who by 8:30 in the morning is worn and tired and at a loss in how to deal with the trials of separation anxiety her young children display, every, day.

They may be the woman who is lonely and wants desperately to make a connection with someone in this strange new place she tries to call home.

They may be the person who feels disconnected from their body. Who struggles to keep from isolation, over-eating, depression, drinking too much.

They may be the person who is reminded of their life years ago.  Who moved with the ease of a dancer, but who now can barely tie her shoes, due to arthritis in her hands.

They may suffer from the first signs of aging, waking up in the morning with stiffness in their joints; aches and pains never noticed before.

They may be recovering from illness.  Or helping a friend through theirs.

They may be trying something completely new.

They may be going against the wishes of those in their family, their community, who thinks yoga is some kind of religion or cult and therefore they should stay away.

They may excel in the physical practice of yoga, so feel great joy and confidence, each time they step on the mat.

They may have learned to relax a little and now sleep better most nights, since taking up the practice a few weeks ago.

They may be excited knowing they can finally balance in tree pose; the beginnings of a calm and focused mind.

They may be thrilled to touch their toes, something they haven’t been able to do since they were just a kid.

They may love how they feel safe, welcomed, not judged.  But find acceptance in who they are…. when they come to class.

Whatever their reason for being there today, I am grateful.  I can only hope it was an hour well spent and they return again the next time.  To find more of whatever it is they are looking for.