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What did I learn from practicing yoga for 40 straight days?

1. Realized that having (family) support is important

As a wife and mother, I sometimes feel guilty when I’m not available to do whatever it is I think I should be doing, for or with my family.  Therefore, to have my family’s support in this allowed me to drop the expectations I place on my self.

2. My body is prepared for the physical demands of daily practice

I am probably more healthy and physically fit than I have been in the last 30 years, since I was a teenager.  I know I can’t run 5km and will tire if I have to climb a lot of stairs, but I am amazed at the level of flexibility and strength I’ve gained through practicing yoga.  I also have strength of mind, determination and focus, like never before.

3. I am less inclined to overeat

Knowing that I feel better practicing on a less full stomach, naturally causes me to think about what I fuel my body with and when.

4. I am disciplined about things that are important to me

I used to think I wasn’t very disciplined.  I’ve learned that I am, if something is important to me.  I will work hard, persevere and stick to it, if it matters.  I think many of the things I did in the past (mostly work related) just didn’t matter so much.

5. It’s not about achievement

The more I practice, the less I desire achievement or advancement in my asanas.  The added benefit is the less I think about it, the more its natural progression surprises me!

Work hard. 

Put it out there. 

Let it go.

I’m sure there are many more lessons but these are what immediately come to mind.

At Day 22 or so, this seemed like an endless task and then the practice just took hold and before I knew it, the days were done.

I am grateful for the experience!