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Tomorrow is the end of the 40 Day Yoga Challenge.

What has it meant for me? It has become something I make time for. I may miss a day as needed but it is part of my life.

Each night before going to bed I figure out when I will practice tomorrow. Just as I note when I have to work/teach and where. What I might make for dinner. What errands I have to run, phone calls or appointments I have to make. For me it needs to be considered, prioritized and scheduled.

The picture below that I posted on Day 1 of the Challenge, is a good reminder.

Having someone along for the ride has made it easier in keeping to the commitment. Another way to be held accountable. Not make excuses. His commitment has been extraordinary and he has helped me to focus on mine.

At another time in my life, I’m not sure I could have or would have fit this in.  Our kids are grown and pretty much self-sufficient. In fact they have, on occasion, helped to make dinner a few nights when I was ‘busy at yoga, again’. Rather than managing a full-time job, I have flexible work hours. The yoga studio I primarily attend is only 5 minutes from home. For whatever reason, my life has often offered me the right thing, at the right time, in the right place. It once again, all seems to fit.

But I still had to make the choice to practice. To acknowledge its value and make it a priority. Each day.

I missed 2 days out of the 40. In my mind, that’s okay. It is good enough. And tomorrow I will go to a class in the morning, to see this through.