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If anyone is looking for something to do over the summer and has an interest in learning yoga there is a great introductory series by Sean Corn available on-line (brought to you by Oprah, so you get the usual 20-sec commercial before the video plays).  

There’s 7 short instructional videos posted so far.  I’m not sure how many more are to come, but you’ll find the whole series on the link above.  (I tried to post one of the video’s here so you could have a quick look, but it doesn’t seem to want to let me…..)  I think the series is really useful to people who may have thought about doing yoga, but never thought they could (just like me!) as she progresses very slowly from week to week. 

I recently took an introduction to yoga series at Yama Yoga Studios so to have find something similar FREELY AVAILABLE to all is fantastic (though I will say what I paid for, was most definitely worth it!).  

If you decide it’s something you enjoy and want to continue with your practise there are video sessions on Sean Corn’s site, or another one to try is YogaGlo, though you have to buy them.  Having a studio close by and practising with a teacher and other people is probably preferable, but if you want to try in the comfort of your own home (or where no-one’s looking) this might be ideal for you. 

Although I am not very flexible I love that I can do this, just at my own level.  It’s a great work-out and the almost meditative aspect of it, particularly from the flow and breath work of the vinyasa practise, is an opportunity to get out of my crazy busy mind for a while. 

Just thought I’d pass it along…. 

it's always good to have something to work towards!!!!