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We were sitting last night, again planning our vacation and I said to dear husband….

I cannot wait until I can just wear my shorts all the time!

I know, I know.  Again, I just was saying how I don’t understand why people can’t be happy where they are, always wishing to be somewhere else.  So call me hypocritical.

Our kids are always telling me how I’m quite hypocritical about the driving here, now.  I complain all the time about the drivers when I’ve become somewhat similar in mentality. 

But of all the things I’m looking forward to about holidays, being able to wear what I want outside is high up on the list.

You wouldn’t think this would be such a big deal to me.  I can wear 3/4 length trousers here. I’m not even one for wanting to wear strappy, sleeveless tops.  (Though that might be due to my not particularly liking my thick, saggy arms….as I get older.)  I’ve lived here 11 years now so one would think I’d grown to accept this simple limitation.  However, I think it’s only grown worse over time. 

Shorts?  I want to live in them!!!!!!  We live in a country with sunshine 363 days of the year and I cannot wear my shorts out.

I wonder if other ladies living here, having even stricter dress requirements, feel the same as me?  Particularly the young girls who have to wear an abaya once they hit puberty.  Do they feel the same way?  Do they hate not being able to dress a little more freely?  Even once in a while?

It probably won’t be particularly warm where we’re travelling to.  Average temps should be about +23C which will seem VERY COLD to me after dealing with the +45 to 50C here lately, but DAMN I’m going to be puttin’ on these shorts if it kills me! 

Just because I can.