They like me! They really like me!

I find it oh, so easy to get swept away with the feeling that “They Like Me”!  

Instead of basking in someone’s compliments and letting my feelings of being wanted or accepted take over what I really should be doing when planning my career, or my life for that matter, is evaluating whether that’s a positive for me or not.  

Earlier this week I was offered a new job.  It’s something I’ve been working on for a while now, at least the prospect of THIS JOB.  It sounded okay when I first looked at it.   However, on closer examination I’m not so sure.   

I’d be given a ‘Manager’ title.  I’m not one for titles.  

A phone.  Got one.  

A laptop.  Got one.  

Along with these trinkets, however, what I was really given was the responsiblity for managing a new business about to start-up here.   

But did I mention it’s only part-time?  This is good in that I don’t have to work all the time.  Most of the work would be done from home.  But I get paid only for the actual hours I worked.  Which for this role, could be quite subjective.  Do I want to have to justify this to the owner each month?  

Did I mention it pays differently between what may be manager and admin duties that I would be doing concurrently?  Do I want to justify this each month, as well?  

Oh, and did I mention that from when I originally talked to the people who are helping set up this business here, the salary has now dropped by 25% for the manager duties and 20% for the admin duties?  


It’s a different, interesting, inspiring, exciting line of business and business products.  Will I be involved with much of that?  Not really.  My task will be all about finding and then making sure vendors, suppliers, etc. have what we need, ensure their quality and delivery on time.  Well, I don’t have to tell anyone that lives here that those are the CHALLENGES-EXTREME in this country!  Plus, the usual organization of venues, timings, agendas, staffing…..   


It’s all about managing, supporting, logistics.  All the stuff I’ve been doing here for years and for the most part, really hate!  

Can I do the job?  You bet.  I went through the job description and checked all the boxes.  Yep, I can do that.  Yep.  Yep.  Do I have the “knowledge and skill requirements” they’re looking for?  Yep, checked all those too.  

Somehow, I don’t see how there are any benefits for me.  Only the reverse.    

I do all the work.  Someone else benefits.  Same game, different players.   

Only this time I would not even get paid a full-time salary and would likely have to explain each of my salary claims to get paid.   I don’t mind justifying what I do as I tend to be a work-horse to begin with and would never claim for anything that I didn’t feel I earned.  But I don’t know these people….  

There was another positive factor.  I might receive training in another area of my interest which added to the opportunity, but who knows when and if that will happen.  The actual job is not really what I want to be doing.  

I’m glad they like me but that doesn’t always mean we’re going to be friends or that it’s even wise to play together.