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Today is dear husband and my 20th wedding anniversary.    

July 14, 1990

I entered into our marriage figuring I knew my husband really quite well but it’s one thing to have discussions about values, commitment, ways of life, communication and then there’s living it.   

Here’s my Top 20 List (well, actually not in a particular order other than #1) of what I’ve come to know and love about him.  

He is   

  1. the most freely giving person I know
  2. virtuous
  3. honest
  4. trustworthy
  5. authentic
  6. loyal
  7. kind
  8. compassionate
  9. logical
  10. loves his vocation
  11. adventurous
  12. spontaneous
  13. funny
  14. a family man.  By that I mean a great husband and father…..and I know he loves us more than anything in this world!  But, do we have to do EVERYTHING together?????  Well, I’m sure there are many people who would love to say this about their husband / father.  So, I am (still) learning to love this one….
  15. intelligent
  16. confident
  17. fair
  18. good with languages
  19. frank
  20. loves to travel

Well, there’s one more.   

21.  He is also, most certainly, a couch potato!   

dear husband

Can’t expect anyone to be perfect, can you? 

Ah, but he’s my couch potato and I’ll keep him!