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I’m currently in the midst of two yoga workshops being held at Yama Yoga Studios, in Qatar.

The first is with a focus on Astanga yoga with Dave Oliver.  Dave was my teacher’s teacher…. the teacher, studio owner and director of Yama Yoga, Valerie.  I attended a similar workshop given by Dave last year as part of our teaching training program.

Today began with 2 hours of the Astanga Primary Series from 7:30 to 9:30am.  Then another 2 hours where we did much of the same but with additional focus on how to provide adjustments to students.  Safe and successful adjustments.  Dave, as I learned last year, is a master in this particular area.  He instinctively and experientially adjusts student by student, pose by pose throughout his classes.  He makes you feel safe, successful and stretches you to a new place in your practice like no one else I’ve encountered.

Though it was demanding and exhausting I felt refreshed and content afterwards.  Amazing what a difference a year makes!

Then it was on to another session from 2:00 to 6:00pm with Dave’s wife Cheryl.  Last night we did the first session with her; my first experience with restorative yoga.  This afternoon,  Cheryl took us through the basics of teaching restorative yoga classes.

I may write more about the experience for each later in the week as we’ve another 8 hours tomorrow and then 3 consecutive nights of this……

Which brings me to the question. Is this practice accumulative?

If I’m doing 8 hours today and tomorrow….should it count for a few ‘regular’ days of practice in the near future?  Can we accumulate it to use towards the 40 Day Challenge?

Just asking the question.