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So I missed posting here on Day 13.  Today is Day 15 and I’m doing no better.  Busy days.  However, still going strong with the Yoga Challenge other than one day missed last Thursday.

How’s it going for you?

It is a definitely a challenge at times, hence the name I guess.  As my partner in this said, getting on the mat the mat the last couple of days was like…..

…..difficult.  Okay, here we go again.  Then, the next thing I know we’re done and it’s time for savasana.

Seems to always be the way.  It’s the getting there that’s the difficult part.

So what can you do to get there?

Think with the end in mind.  Rather than thinking of all that is going to come between starting and finishing, think of how you’re going to feel once you’re finished.

Give yourself a reward.  You may think you shouldn’t have to get something, in order to do something…… but when you’re feeling like you just can’t manage the effort or find the time, or get yourself moving, why not find something you can enjoy as a reward for completing the task at hand.

I’ve just noticed this week on Facebook how an acquaintance/friend I met a few years back suggested she needed to go on a spa weekend.  She’s 52 and has never treated herself.  Well, I basically made a comment to go for it!  How she will probably feel so refreshed and relaxed afterwards.  How it’s good for the soul….. etc. Then some other friends piped in saying yes, they should all plan on it.   Much to my surprise she said yes, to do it……. maybe in July!  Or September!!!!


Maybe I’m spoiled or maybe I want to enjoy life to the fullest while I have the chance. Or I just love spas and massages so much.  But I don’t get it when people work their asses off all the time and can’t seem to give themselves some kind of rewards, experiences, pleasures that should come along with that.  To me life’s just too fragile to always be waiting for the right time to do such things.  So,….. I hope she gets around to it before she can’t for whatever reason.

And as I’m talking rewards here, they don’t have to be something like an expensive spa weekend.  Maybe your reward is a quiet cup of tea late in the evening, reading a special new book you picked up.  Or maybe your reward is spending some time skyping with a distant friend or family member.  Maybe it’s taking a nap, after your practice.  Having one, luxurious piece of chocolate you’ve been eyeing up.  It can be something so simple, but something you can take great pleasure in having or doing.

Keep your promises.  Okay, so I goofed a little on this one with regards to regular blog posts.  And I missed one day of yoga practice.  But I know I feel better about myself in the long run, if I stick to what I say I’m going to do.

Don’t be all or nothing.  If you can’t manage whatever it is you consider to be an ‘appropriate’ length or time to practice, do what you can. So you can’t do your regular 90 minute, 6 day a week Astanga practice?  Or you can’t do your usual 30 minute practice?  Or whatever it is you normally do, or would like to do?  Do 10 minutes.  Do 5 Sun Salutations.  Get on your mat,…….stretch and breathe.  Or like a new Mom once said to me, it’s all she can do to just get on her mat, lay down and breathe for a couple of minutes.  So be it.  Of course you might like to do more but maybe that will happen tomorrow.  Don’t discount what you can do today.

Those are a few of my suggestions for getting on with it.  If you have some others please leave them in the comments below I am always open to ideas for motivation! We’re half way through the month of May, more than a third of the way through to the end, so keep at it!