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What if this is my beginning?

The statement made by yoga teacher Julie Martin, rolls over and over in my mind. I’ll use it again as I begin the Yama Yoga 40 day Challenge.

What if this is my beginning?

Today I will commit to my yoga practice, each day, for the next 40 days.  Today it will likely be getting up from bed, walking downstairs , unrolling my mat and laying there.

That’s it?

Well, I will be there.  I will be breathing.  My intention will be to practice.

From there I may get up and begin the day with Sun Salutations.

It may be that I begin with a few cat/cow stretches, work into a downward dog or two and from there into child’s pose. And that’s it. Finished.

Or it may be that I progress through Astanga first series as far as my personal practice takes me.

It may be that my body says to lay down with my feet stretched up on the wall.

It may be that I work my way through a few sequences for a class I hope to teach one day.

But whatever comes to me on my mat, today, will be enough. I will listen.  I will honor what my body tells me and I will commit to that.  Just for today.

How will you begin?

Sunrise in Goa, India April 2010