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Last night I was with our group of yoga teacher trainees.

Our course is coming to an end soon so we were having a get together before people leave for the summer. Plus, one person is pregnant so leaving in a couple weeks to have her baby in her home country.

It was great to socialize a little outside of the yoga studio.  Learn a little about the other aspects of each other’s lives.

One person arrived a little later in the evening as she was playing a concert.  She’s a viola player in the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra.  This turned the topic of conversation towards live music, musicians, orchestras, playing.

I began talking about our daughter who plays piano.  Though she doesn’t play so much lately as her piano teacher moved away a few months ago.

I tell our daughter if she would just practise more, it would come.

It would be so much easier if she just practised consistently.

I remember my brother learning to play guitar in high school. Teaching himself.  He would be in his bedroom for hours, playing, practising.

She loves it, actually. Once she’s able to get herself to sit at the piano and play, she enjoys it and times seems to slip away as she becomes immersed in it.

Without missing a beat our yoga teacher looks at me and says

kinda like yoga,

or something to that effect.

We carried on.  The conversation went back to the topic of babies.  Then our teacher was asking about our course in general, how it had been going for each of us.  Where we might see any room for improvement, changes, etc.

On the long drive home I thought about the statement made by my teacher.

I thought about it again today.

Yes, rather like yoga.  Rather like my yoga.

I could say the exact same things about myself, my practising.  If I get myself there, I love it.  It would come more easily if I practiced more consistently.

Funny how we can talk and talk about others.  Point out the issues, problems and possible solutions for others.

Often we’re so busy talking we don’t realise it’s exactly the advice we need to hear ourselves.

What is it you might need to hear?