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It’s funny how things come about.

Now that my excuse of the busyness of the holiday season is past I’ve been trying to do some much-overdue yoga (that being the physical asana practise). As it’s two days before the start of a New Year I also wanted to think about what my goals for the year ahead might be and perhaps what I accomplished in 2010.

I haven’t been on my yoga mat for almost 2 weeks.  Along with the “getting ready for Christmas” excuse I also thought I broke my toe a week ago and have been hobbling around somewhat.  Practicing in a yoga studio rather than at home is also my preference and the studio’s been closed since December 16th.  (There’s a goal, I know.  Working on my home-practice).

Finally, today, I busted through excuses and I got back to it – at home. Though very gently.

The second bit  I wanted to work on was my learning of Sanskrit.  When I previously set my focus on this with a manageable deadline, I was able to accomplish some learning.  For instance one week I focused on learning Surya Namaskara A.  Another week I focused on learning the standing series.  In two weeks I had both of these ingrained in my memory quite well.  That was about 2 months ago and I haven’t done much since.  So, last night I sat down again and started on the seated series.

… my mind wandered to thinking again what my goals might be for the coming year.  Which immediately led to what they were the last year.

I didn’t have much in the way of goals set as of January 1st 2010.  Only one word made up any kind of New Year’s Resolution for me. Carpe Diem was the word.  I just planned to seize the day and whatever opportunities might present themselves to me.

I do have a list somewhere with things I would like to do or accomplish in my lifetime.  You know, the places I might like to travel, running a 10k race, that sort of thing.

But I also recalled writing something a little different.  I went into My Documents to search it out.    Found it.

I wrote this back in June 2008.

My intention is:


  1. to become more deeply spiritual
  2. to be more aware in the everyday things, each new day brings
  3. to create love in my family
  4. to be kinder
  5. to be a real, loving, presence for others
  6. to exercise, naturally
  7. to eat healthy foods
  8. to take time for meditation
  9. to learn a new language
  10. to be by water – the movement of it’s sound soothes my soul

It wasn’t meant to be an all-inclusive or static list.  But it is, or was, what I wanted to set my intentions on.

When I wrote learn a new language I always thought it would be French, or Italian.  Perhaps Arabic even. Who would have known that two and a half years later I would be sitting here tonight studying Sanskrit.

Or working on number 6,  with my practise of yoga.

Or number 2, in writing this blog.

Or my struggle with number 8.

The others, well….. let’s just say as with all of these, they are my intention.  They are not something to achieve, master, or complete and then move on.

They are just what I hope to keep my focus on.

And so I shall.

Where will your focus be?