It’s just what I see ….. another slice of my world, this past week.

The new Safari Mall in Doha.  Sorry, but I probably won’t be back there anytime soon.  There’s nothing unique about it and the quality of the store and it’s merchandise is really quite lousy.

These accommodations just down the road a few metres from the new mall, look like they could use some quality control as well.

My friend from China, who used to be my neighbor, was recently back here for a visit work. She brought me a little cake from China that signifies good friendship between two people.  I wonder if I should be eating it….?

I met up with another friend for lunch at The One.  It looks like they’ve changed the furnishings in the restaurant somewhat – it’s always comfy and cozy though. The food’s not so bad either.  (Actually, it’s always great!)

This is a story unto itself but rather than DWELL on it…. lets just say that the shop that sold us a new BBQ told my husband they didn’t sell parts to repair our OLD BBQ.

Well, that’s not the story the delivery guys offered up when they dropped off the new one and asked him why we didn’t just get parts to fix the old one!!!!

Check this out.  Some kind of bug that literally “hung” on the wall in our car-port for 3 days without moving.  Then, just as suddenly it appeared, it disappeared. Must have been time to move on.

He was a big sucker, about 3 inches diameter I think.  Do any of you entomologists know what this is???

Something doesn’t seem quite right with these palm trees along the corniche. Why are all the branches pointing up?

A couple of guys out for a stroll down by the Sheraton.

Always nice to see our Canadian flag flying… a fixture at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The first Christmas Craft Sale of the season.  Rather disappointing though as it was hard to find any crafts that were ‘Christmassy’.  In years past, there were always so many home-made treasures.  Now, it’s mostly commercial goods.

If you’re one of those curious cats who as a youngster always wanted to sneak into the boys washroom to see what those things called urinals looked like… you might like seeing  the inside of a ladies washroom here, as it’s also a little different from what you might be used to.  Here, they often contain a wash-area Muslims use for ablution before prayer.  (In case you were wondering….they don’t use the mops.  Those are just tools of the trade laying around that belong to the bathroom attendants.)

I don’t quite understand why so many people here always dress their kids alike. We have twins and always made a point to dress them different from one another.  Here, it seems to be  the opposite.  Sometimes we’ll see about 3 or 4 kids in the same family wearing the same outfit.  Why is that?

If you’ve not noticed before, I seem to like showing examples of the huge homes built here. To give you an idea of its size, notice the size of the houses just behind and to the left of it.

Here’s the rear view.

And again, to gain perspective on the size…. that’s an office building on the left across the street.  Small, in comparison to this one home.

The gated entrance.

And we wonder why mail sometimes goes missing?  No one works in the post office on Fridays…so if any mail is put in a wrong PO Box, people just toss it in the open windows like this one where anyone can come along and pick it up.

So, if you happen to be sending me any nice cards, letters, presents in the near future…. I sure hope the guys working in the post office get their sorting right the first time around!