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Today I happened to notice …

That it was  easy to make up excuses in my mind and all the reasons I probably couldn’t go to yoga this morning…..  particularly when I have a pulled muscle in my back and haven’t been feeling well the last two days.  The challenge was to stop my mind and go regardless.

When I overcome my negative thoughts and do something positive instead, I feel much better for having strength and determination to do so.  (Yes, I made it to yoga and my back muscle felt much better for it.)

I am always a sucker for buying magazines.  Particularly this time of year with all the glossy pictures of Christmas food and decorations inside the covers.

I am not prepared to even look at TV’s that cost about $4000 and basically told DH as much.  He said he was “just looking”….

Eating lunch is so much better when everyone in the family helps to prepare it AND we get to eat outside for the first time in many months.

Planting even a few poinsettias outside today made a huge difference in adding much-needed color and life to our surroundings.

I will probably pay for it later tonight or tomorrow, for eating too much bread today.  While eating at PQ’s for breakfast this morning we ordered a bread basket to nosh on while waiting for our food. Then, I again ate way too much French bread for lunch, along with the cheese, pickles, veggies, fruit, and red wine.  Sometimes I am surely lacking in self-control over what I know is good for me and what is not, and I choose what’s not.

Doha is always a two steps forward, one step back kinda place.  After visiting four different stores searching for the flowers I wanted for the garden, my old standby promised to order  and deliver what I requested either Thursday night or Friday morning.  They finally arrived today (Saturday) with only half  of my order correct and so… said they would be back later today with the rest.  So far, they are a no-show.  Like I should be surprised.

The whole world was cheering as Burma’s pro-democracy leader Daw Aung San Sauu Kyi was freed from house arrest….

Nothing, absolutely nothing pre-packaged, pre-made, store-bought compares to the taste of home made food.  That, after having eaten spaghetti sauce from a jar for dinner…. even if it’s a famous celebrity’s spaghetti sauce.

I’m glad DD is out with a couple of girlfriends this evening and not out at a small gathering like last night complete with girls, boys and booze.  I will surely sleep easier tonight.

It’s my brother’s 50th Birthday today.  He liked the gifts we sent him and is heading off for a special weekend getaway with his lady.  I love and miss him a lot.

About this time next year…. it’s my turn to hit the big 5-0!

What about you?  What was going on in your world, in your life, today?