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I have a duality to my personality I still don’t understand.

I have this wonderful, optimistic, can-do, isn’t life great outlook on life.

Then I have this woe-is-me, why does this have to happen to me, doesn’t life suck at the moment side that takes over and I can be a real complainer!

Is everyone else like that or do you somehow seem able to find a constant along your path that I can’t seem to land upon?  Is that what they call….acceptance?

Our household is finally back to normal after DH was sick two weeks ago and DD was sick most of last week.  With my own space back during the day, my mind has time to wonder again. All the good, the bad and the ugly, creeping their way into my thoughts.

OH, WOE IS ME …. I’m wrestling day by day, minute by minute with the fact that I should be going back to work.  I mean the 9-5 work that I’ve been doing for some odd 30 years. Or at least I was doing, up until I quit last year.

BUT, I’m thankful that I have some choice in this, that many others in the world do not.

COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN….My neighbor and I were speaking this morning about how we both can’t stand the start to our mornings when we have to wrestle with the traffic, the ignorance, the arrogance, the “me-first” attitude of drivers in this country as we make our way through the bumper to bumper traffic the minute we leave our homes and hit the streets.

DO I realize she and I were talking as I was about to swim some laps in the pool and she was just leaving the gym from her workout?  Both of which we have access to a few minutes walk from our homes, on our compound?

DOESN’T life suck when I want to eat healthy and I can never find any half-decent fruit and veg around here to buy?  Yesterday going to Ca**efour, wandering up and down the aisles and not finding one thing  I would consider worthy buying, other than some potatoes and even they weren’t so great.

JACKPOT!  Today at Giant F**d, it was like a bonanza!  I bought peaches, nectarines, grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, 2 fresh lettuces, cucumbers, tomatoes, even a half-decent cauliflower which will be a nice change for our never-ending eating of frozen corn!

AND IT GETS BETTER…I asked a couple of the grocery store employees as I walked by the dairy section if there was any sour cream as I couldn’t find any. They said they hadn’t any in stock.  Typical.  Well, as I was getting all my lovely, fresh produce weighed and priced, along came the same fellow with 2 small containers of sour cream in hand.  I asked if he would get me one more (can you believe it?) and he did.

Thoughtfulness, follow-up and great service you can’t get much better than that!

After months and months of exasperating heat and humidity temperatures are finally cooling down and it’s  ONLY about +27 when I’m taking the kids to school these days.

The breeze in the air actually feels cool. I am so thankful knowing that for the next 5 months I’ll  be able to B-R-E-A-T-H-E some of it into my lungs again! And  a few clouds have graced our skies the last few days, which always calls for comments by most everyone in our family (and usually cameras come out). Who would have thought clouds would grab our attention?  But they do!

And as she heads off to bed, DD tells me rain is in the forecast for tomorrow but you won’t catch me complaining about that any time soon!

See, isn’t life just grand???