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It’s just what I see …..  another slice of my world, this past week.         

I didn’t go out much this week so don’t have a lot of pictures to choose from.  However, butting heads against my perfectionist tendencies I’m going with what I have. 

My thoughts (and pictures) seem centered around food.  We’re about halfway through the Holy Month of Ramadan so hopefully I can move past this obsession real soon.  It’s not like I’m fasting, so why should I complain? Why does it even affect me?  But it does. Every year is the same for me – for whatever reason it feels like I cannot get enough water into me for the entire time!    

This week…. lights to guide the way, not 1 but 24, which is best, another riddle this week and a tasty meal. 

Ramadan lights at the local Subway sandwich shop

I have been going on and on and on lately (on Facebook) about cinnamon buns.  I think I love them so much as I remember my Nana making them for us when I was little.  If we were out in our cabins at the lake, they’d come straight out of the wood-stove.  So yummy and heartwarming!  While in Sweden this summer DH, the kids and I ate them most every day.  We’ve been missing them ever since so I finally baked a batch – of 24!  That meant 4 each,….plus a couple extra for moi!  They are still no where good as Nana’s but I’ll keep trying.     

Notice the bottom row, 2nd from right. Extra sugar on top as DH figures they'll be better HIS way!

These ones baked in a muffin tin

Hmmmm, I'll have to try one of each to decide which is best

Free Iftar meals are on offer around the city during Ramadan

RIDDLE: How many bags does it take to pack these 10 items?


Arrrgh! ONE is what I asked for, but after my attempts to explain...I eventually gave up. They figured I needed FOUR!


Being away on holiday I missed the hummous you get around here, .... and even the veggies this week were fantastic for a change!

So that’s it.   Nothing too exciting or extra-ordinary.   For whatever’s on your plate today “Bon Appetit”!