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Changing things up today! 

First, the overall appearance of this space.   

Second, if you leave a comment (greatly appreciated) and I respond (which I do unless I think you should have the last say) you’ll see my real name rather than barelynoticeable. I figure my readers sign their name to their words so I should at least do the same.  But that’s not the only reason I hadn’t done so before. 

I was afraid to put it out there.  

Which is rather absurd as most people who read my blog already know it’s “me”, Jody, and why get all hung up in knots about those that don’t? 

It takes some getting used to, this business of blogging.  Though we become vulnerable any time we express our selves, it might not be quite so daunting when writing about a thousand ways to make cupcakes or what’s hot in fashion, or how to fix a car.  But writing about my life, my world and how it affects me is always personal.  And that is risky business. 

Like the first time you play Truth-or-Dare. You open up and tell a deep truth about yourself and then wait  –  for the mature reaction from a group of 11 year old boys.  Or very calmly but firmly asking your mother-in-law not to interfere … when you’re trying to get her son, your beloved DH, to help you with something. Or taking a bold leap to go back to school, quit your job, have children. Or walking along a  50m high suspension bridge and hoping to God the teenage boys who just got off aren’t going to get back on and start jumping up and down like lunatics again! 

What to write about.  How much to say. What I should and shouldn’t reveal about myself.  Consideration of those I bump up against during the day and subsequently write about. Discussing family. Friends. Neighbours and colleagues. Not to mention the country I live in and the fine line of acceptable topics, truth and openness one can present

yep – that’s me!

I want to be truthful, but not hurtful. Speak my mind, but not rant too much. Listen to opinions of others. Learn to write better. Find clarity of mind. Forge a path forward. Invite others to think about theirs. Learn from them as they speak their truths.   

Yeesh! Will you look at that list I made after having said I would focus on just one thing. Yeah. You can call me on this one right away.  

Never said I was perfect.