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Even more than the 1st of January, September always seems like A NEW YEAR to me.  Everyone going back to school and work and whatever else life means to them after some play, relaxation and hopefully time away from the mundane.  With any luck the break included a chance to review what maybe happened in the last year and if we’re looking to change things around in the next. 

Yesterday I watched a video blog I came upon just by chance.  From what I can tell by a quick tour of the site the blogger is a life coach, a writer and an artist.    

(I came upon her from another blog who is another ‘coach’ of sorts but she calls herself a strategist, a philosopher and a mama.  And SHE rocks in my opinion!)

The blogger was so excited by what she was about to share she decided on video format rather than just writing down her thoughts.  What was the video about?  Her vision for her business and her life. 

First, let me give her full credit for putting herself out there and sharing as she did.  I’m sure it was all heartfelt, her truth and after all, her story.  I will also give her credit for as she put it “being brave, transparent and authentic with her readers, etc. ”

Then, let me say, “whew”! 

I was exhausted from just listening to it all let alone what it must feel like trying to accomplish.  It is huge!  And not huge in the way that she has grand aspirations.  Well, actually she does have pretty grand aspirations.  But it’s huge in all that it encompasses.  There is so much of it.  It goes on, and on, and on.

I cannot imagine trying to live up to all of what she wrote/said.  I particularly felt the need to squirm in my chair when words started flowing like 

  • …. living in perfect balance. 
  • …. all aspects of my life is in perfect harmony
  • …. open up to receive the perfect person….the perfect illustrator.

Whammo!  Those words can stop me in my tracks – literally!

I’m all for having a vision. A goal.  All the experts say it makes a difference if you write it down.  Say it outloud.  Tell others.  Particularly telling others as that’s meant to help you be accountable.  But I couldn’t help thinking …. how the heck can a person even work towards that, when there’s just – so – much – of – it?   And it all needs to be, oh – so – perfect!

Isn’t okay good enough?  Or even awesome?  Or amazing?  Wonderful?  Magnificent?   But perfect?

Maybe it’s just me being overly sensitive to the word…. due to the somewhat perfectionist tendancies in my own personality. Trying to achieve perfect over the years has on occasion, gotten me into trouble.  It can paralyze me before I even begin. It can stop me from completing something that’s fantastic because I’m afraid it’s just – not – quite – perfect – yet.  The result being, it never gets finished.

Another questionable quality I’ve come to realize is mine but is not always a blessing is my absolutely fantastic ability to multitask so well!  Yes, I can do about 10 different things all at the same time but wonder if by doing so, I sometimes lose my focus in doing them well.  Or again, just finishing them.  Finishing just one thing.

So I’m going to take the advice of a wise ol’ cowboy instead of the life coach I stumbled upon.

I have one goal for this upcoming year.  This one goal scares me to death.  Enough that I’m not ready to share it just yet.  But just one thing IS enough for me now.

And watching the video has reminded me of the one thing that really is most important in my life, regardless of whether I reach any other goals.  

Looking after my herd.