…..on some earlier blog posts this month.  

Grey Clouds Overhead – March 1  

Following her dreadful employment experience in Qatar, our housekeeper’s daughter Myla, has safely returned home to the Philippines.  Her bank account is empty, she will have to start all over looking for a job, but at least she is with her husband and children again.   


From day one, her “short-lived” boss here treated her poorly, calling her ‘stupid’ and all sorts of nasty things.  (Yeah, I guess to him her 4-year degree in computing science accounts for nothing….).  And why? Because he can get away with it here!!! 

As difficult as it is for her now, hopefully something good will come out of the bad experience she had here.  I think she’s better off being back home rather than working her 2-year contract in that type of environment.   Her Mom and others have said much the same.  

Our thoughts and best wishes for the future are with her.   

Her Mom is missing her already.  

A Matter of Convenience – March 9  

I am happy to report that our convenience store has finally opened its doors again after being closed for almost a month.  I can now go back to my usual forgetful self, knowing that the guys at the shop will be there to help me out!   And they are most certainly glad to be back in business. 

Makes Life a Little Easier  – March 23  

All five tourist visas are in our passports so we can go on our holiday tomorrow night, but getting them was anything but easy!  

I’ll write about the experience in detail as it was another one of those adventures in learning…..but at another time.  If anyone’s travelling to India from Doha in the upcoming months I’m here to offer advice in dealing with the ‘system’.  

waitin' at the Embassy!

 Silly Sights – March 25  

The day following this post, I drove by the ad banner installation to see how it was progressing.  They had made some improvements so I figured for sure it would be completed by now. Nope!  A week later and it’s still not done.  

first day I noticed the banner

some progress, one day later...

and a week later - still not done

As I always say….. anything that should take a couple of hours to accomplish?  Here?  Plan on a couple of weeks – at minimum!