Why didn’t I pay attention to that tiny voice inside was telling me today?  Why didn’t I listen? 

For the most part, I have fairly healthy eating habits. Particularly for lunch as I’m usually on my own so eat what I like.  I’ve also learned over the years if I stay away from ‘typical’ lunch foods like sandwiches and instead eat mostly vegetables I feel better in the afternoon.  So, generally that’s what I have – fresh veggies!  

Today I was out doing last-minute ‘holiday preparation’ errands.  I finished most of what  I needed to do, so stopped for a minute at a little store in the mall to pick up bread and cheese needed at home. There were lots of treats on offer in the store I could have bought, including Easter candy, but didn’t.  Only bought the necessities.  That’s the good part.  

However, ….as I was walking out of the store, not more than 5 feet away was a fast food joint.  

I have cut way back  in the last few months, on the amount of fast food I eat.  I also know when I eat McD food, I feel like I have a big lump of fat sitting in my stomach afterwards. But did I resist and walk by?  Not this time.  I didn’t upsize my meal or anything like that (justifying it here….), but I still felt like I was doing something ‘naughty’ by making this choice for lunch.  

Figuring I would save time if I ate while driving home, that’s what I did (still justifying it…..).  

At the very first stop light I reached, I noticed the car in front of me looked like a friend of mine’s.  This friend being the most fit, healthy, vegetarian person I know!   

is someone watching me???

Panic sets in!  What will she think of me if she stops to talk and/or notices me eating this junk?  I immediately stopped eating out of fear she might see me from her rearview mirror. And then sat through what seemed like an eternity for the light to change.  

The light turned green and we started off again.  As her car made a right-hand turn, I looked more closely.  Whew!  It was not her after all. I was safe.  I began to munch away.  

Lesson learned today: If I get a thought that I shouldn’t do something……pay attention to it!  It just might save me some ridiculous amount of embarrassment, even if no one’s there to witness it but me.   

Second lesson: Eat my veggies!