When we holidayed in Australia a few years back and I saw a kangaroo for the first time, I thought they were one of the strangest creatures.  The way they moved their bodies was fascinating to watch.  And the whole pouch thing…  

I was at the local nursery the other day buying new houseplants and noticed the camel market was only about 200m further along the street.  I decided to take a few minutes and have a look around. 

I would have to say camels are a close second to kangaroos in the odd-looking category. 

"are you looking at me?"

stickin' out those big teeth!

this guy is kinda noble looking

I think he's looking 'down his nose' as me!

such square-shaped faces

baby camel looks like he's smiling and the momma's having a laugh!

check out the saggy skin on those hind legs

these two are both trying to tell me off I think!

big bottom lips...would make for a good pout!

For the most part they had their backs to me, but they kept turning around and looking in my direction.  I’m not sure what it was, but it seemed as though they were trying to talk to me.  They were constantly changing the expressions on their faces….and all those teeth!!  Whatever it was, it made for a good laugh! 

What do you think?  Strange looking or what?  And I wonder what we look like to them? 

The other question I have is who buys these camels now and for what purpose?  As it is no longer such a bedouin society here, why so many camels for sale?  There are hundreds, maybe thousands at the market.  Once in a while I see one being transported around the city.  I know there is camel racing that takes place here but presume they would use specially bred camels for that.  It’s not like I’ve ever seen camel on the menu.  So, what’s up with this?  Or, is that why there are so many for sale as they’re no longer in demand?