Being a Canadian passport holder, one of the things I’ve taken for granted is the freedom to travel the world.  

We’ve just booked a holiday for spring break and it’s the first time we’ve needed to apply in advance for a visa. At last count I think we’ve travelled to about 30+ different countries since our move overseas and not once have we had to do this.  At times visas were required, but generally we were able to just purchase one at the airport upon arrival.  No worries.  No hassles.  No paperwork.  

It must be discouraging for those from countries that always have to apply for visas.  It not only requires a great deal of advance planning along with sometimes long and lengthy procedures to follow, but in the end there is no certainty they will be accepted and granted their visa. 

When planning this last-minute vacation we were looking for a quick getaway with beautiful beaches, short flying time, lush and green resort property, spa services, water sports and inexpensive prices.  We were successful I think,  judging by the pictures….. but we’ll see when we get there. 

the hotel

the spa

I can’t say I know how countries decide on granting visas to particular people and/or nationalities, and not to others.  I will only say I am thankful for whatever it is that so many countries seem to like about having Canadians visit! 

On this occasion though, I better get busy filling out the forms, attaching pictures, copies of passports and resident visas so we’re not disappointed.  


I’ve just now realized there may be another requirement for our trip.  That would be malaria pills!

Once again, I should have been paying attention.