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There is a beautiful, luxurious spa and resort in the city that offers Full Moon Yoga, well, each full moon.  I’ve wanted to attend one of these classes for some time now but never had the time or the necessary determination to get myself there. One of the reasons is because it’s on the opposite side of the city from where I live, whereas my usual yoga studio is a quick 5 minute drive.  But I imagined it to be something special so finally decided to make the long drive and go for it!

photo - from al Sharq Village & Spa Resort

Now if you don’t already know this about me, I am one who absolutely loves the outdoors, peace and quiet, being by water, candle-light. This opportunity looked to offer all of that, plus yoga.

I set out. Almost an hour later I finally arrived and checked myself in to class. Setting up my mat on the grass, I looked forward to what was about to begin.

photo - from al Sharq Village & Spa Resort

photo - from al Sharq Village & Spa Resort

And then before I knew it, the 90 minutes was up.

So how was it, practising yoga in the full moon light?

Well, I have to say, I didn’t really notice. A couple of times perhaps as I was reaching up to the sky, I did see the moon. I noticed the barely audible sound of the water rolling against the shoreline during Savasana.

Throughout the practice I found myself struggling to maintain my balance on the lumpy, uneven grass beneath my mat. Whether in the many standing poses or some of the actual balancing poses, I was definitely off.

But what I actually noticed the most – was that I didn’t notice my surroundings much at all.

Which now that I think about it, is usually the case while practicing yoga. Except for the  beginning or end of class, I’m not paying attention to anything other than what’s happening with me or what the teacher is saying or doing to lead me there.

It was much the same when I practiced on the beach in Thailand last Easter. Yes, as I walked down to the beach the dawn was stunning as it swept the clouds a burnt orange color, but other than the ocean breeze did I notice anything after that?

my spot on the beach, Koh Samui Thailand

Or my experience this summer, practicing on the balcony of our cruise ship’s room. All that  occupied my mind before I began was figuring out how to make enough space to practice. Then, it was over to the yoga.

Though I presumed the experience of each would be enhanced by my surroundings, it wasn’t. What’s happening on the outside is very much a non-issue. It’s all about what’s happening internally and paying close attention to that.

Will I attend the Full Moon Yoga again? Most likely.

But perhaps I should go a little early to absorb all of my surroundings before I step on my mat.