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I was really just going to let this one go, but I like to write these things down so I can have a look back and have a good laugh about it sometime.

For the second night in a row, people have commented on-line how busy Villagio Mall is here, in Qatar.  It’s not really such a big deal except for the fact that I live right by Villagio, so it can cause difficulties from time to time with travel around the area.

Last night a friend commented on Facebook,

A word of caution for anyone thinking of going to Villagio tonight: Don’t (if you want to maintain your sanity) …. Scenes of chaos as we left.

Tonight, someone else just Tweeted,

Advice:  Don’t come to Villagio. I’ve never in my life seen it so packed.

What strikes me so funny about the shopping malls being so crowded, is that today I experienced some of the poorest marketing and customer service in one of them.

Early this morning I was waiting for the stores to open in another mall.  In the display window a clothing store had a rather nice display, complete with price tags indicating the cost of each piece for each outfit.  I liked one of the shirts on display so thought I would maybe try it on.

Having wandered completely through the store, I couldn’t seem to find the shirt. So, I asked the salesclerk. I explained that I was looking for the shirt on display. He went to see which one I meant, then a few minutes later came over to me and mumbled something to the effect that they had none.  It was only for display.

You mean the shirt you have on display which shows (what I thought at least) what merchandise you have available in the store…. to draw customers in….. was not even in stock?

You would think I would no longer be surprised by such things here, but I am.  And of course the supervisor in the store kept his head down, looking busy with paperwork at the cash register, hoping stay out of this particular conversation.

At one time this was my favorite clothing store in Qatar and is a well-known UK retailer with stores worldwide.

So my point is….. one has to wonder why the malls are so packed when they often have such sub-standard service and supply here?

Oh wait – you mean you want to buy something?

I don’t think people are in the malls so much to do any actual shopping, they’re just trying to pass the time somewhere where it’s cool, clean and there might be opportunity to mingle amongst other people. Silly me.