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It’s just what I see ….. another slice of my world, this past week.

Short and sweet, this shall be.

Some of the interesting architecture at Katara (Qatar’s new Cultural Village), where the TEDxDoha, TED Women event was held.

I snapped this photo just as the program was about to begin.  We weren’t supposed to take any pictures so the ones I tried to sneak without a flash, didn’t turn out at all.

This picture, however, turned up on the TEDxDoha.net site.  Unfortunately there were no pictures posted of our speaker in Doha, Sheikha Al Mayassa.

me & some women having coffee before the show, in amongst all the Qatari women

Early morning fog…. which means cooler temperatures are on the way – yahoo!

Vodafone is always up to something interesting around these parts.  Last week there was a huge carrot in Villagio Mall – this week a bit of a nut?

The first lot of my Christmas baking fresh out of the oven.  These gingersnaps are from a recipe given to me by a friend who I haven’t seen in about 18 years.  We reconnected on Facebook recently so hope to have a face-to-face visit with her one of these days / years!

A picture of beautiful downtown Doha.  The skyline looks much different from just a few years ago….

Getting set to celebrate Qatar’s National Day on Saturday, 18th December.  It looks like it will be an even more spectacular day of celebrations with Qatar having just won the rights to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup.  There are flags and posters and signs and billboards all throughout the city!

even at the gas station, a huge sign picture of the Emir being erected

congratulatory signs at Subway

A little closer to home.  Really big signs going up right outside our compound….which means the major road construction is about to begin!  Ugggghhhhhh!!!!

this is going to take years, I just know it!

Starting to get lots of color now in the front garden.  Notice the Qatari flag we have hanging outside our gate now….

Beautiful decorations on our Christmas tree.  I’m kind of partial to this Canadian maple leaf.

Youngest son snuggling up to our dog Abbey, after school.

Where I get to sit at night, and do this….

Speaking of which, it is late.  Catch you next week!

(as always, just click on a picture for a closer look)