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How is it that kids have such generous hearts?

We were at the annual much-anticipated Holiday Bazaar (can’t use the word Christmas here….) at the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar today.

As we entered, the first table on our right had two young kids sitting at it selling their wares.  Up for sale were necklaces made with leather laces and a charm on the end.  Bracelets with similar charms.  Small red bags filled with potpourri.

As I looked things over the first thing the young boy said to me was that a percentage of everything they sold would go to charity.  There was a small sign on the table stating proceeds be given to a children’s cancer charity.  Many businesses do the same these days but I was surprised to see  kids so young making the connection of taking part of what they receive and giving it away to someone else in need.

I think their Mom was selling her Christmas crafts at the table beside them as it appeared she was helping them out.  They were, after all, fairly young entrepeneurs.

We continued on our way and wandered the halls for about an hour and a half, buying a few items along the way.  Handmade Christmas cards, some homemade vinaigrette, a few gift items.  Nothing too exciting or extraordinary.  It was that table, however, that I felt the need to go back to.

So we did and I asked DD if she wanted to buy something.

Not really.  Well, maybe I could get a couple of these (bracelets).

I  bought one of the potpourri bags knowing I could find use for it somewhere.

Our total bill was QAR35.  I handed over QAR50  and the young boy zipped open the wallet strapped to his waist, looking to get us our change (about $5). It seemed he was fumbling a little but I wasn’t paying much attention.

DD then said,

Mom, why don’t you just let him keep the change?

It never crossed my mind to do that, but yes, that would be great.  More than anything else, the main reason I was buying from him was because I wanted to support his efforts.

Just keep the change.  Keep it for yourself or give some to charity.  Whatever you like.

He said thanks. When I looked back there was this look of astonishment on his face as he  told his Mom (I think) what had transpired.


Two who not only took the time and effort to participate but who didn’t stop there. They were thinking of others as well.

DD, who immediately figured we should just give some money away for a job well done and the good intentions set by others.

If only I could be so generous.  So thoughtful in all my actions, in what seems to come naturally to kids.