It’s just what I see ….. another slice of my world, this past week.


kids birthday party at the pool compound – complete with blow-up bouncy slide!!!

NOT fun

the mess of litter on the ground outside Ric’s – our Friday morning favorite restaurant


some of the Harley's parked outside Ric's. I like the copper-colored one!

Kinda fun

sitting outside = fun, browsing on internet = fun, homework = not fun

Not fun (for her)

our dog Abby, wanting out to wander the streets


planting poinsettias = Christmas is coming!


just barely caught a glimpse of camels on the palace grounds...

Whaaaaat? (must be kidding?)

horses as lamps? they are life-size.... really....


bumping into a friend while shopping and stopping for a quick coffee. she pointed out to me the writing on the saucer... as I hadn't noticed!

Gotta run!  Catch you next time…..

(as always, just click on a picture for a closer look)