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Consumed with life in all it’s busyness and demands, I haven’t been spending much time writing.  Today’s not much different, but rather than break this almost 9-month blogging habit of mine I’m just going to ramble on a little about my day.

While waking up kids this morning I discovered dear daughter was not in her bed. Treading downstairs, I found her sitting with dear husband in the living room.  She hadn’t been feeling well yesterday and sure enough, was worse today.  We cuddled a few minutes.  I gave her some medicine, some cough drops and sent her back to bed.

Soon enough, we were off on the drive to school.  Youngest son said how he he thinks he understands why it is frustrating for me to come straight out of our compound, hit 3 lines of traffic and then make my way to the inside lane within the next 50 meters so I can do a u-turn at the roundabout.  Each day, a struggle to maneuver my way in and I therefore tend to curse a little.  Not a nice start to the morning.  It was made somewhat better today by his acknowledgement and understanding.

Back home with a little time to check emails, Facebook and eat my breakfast.

Then, a whole conversation in my head began about whether or not I would go to the 8:30am yoga class as I had planned.

Should I?  Shouldn’t I?  Maybe I should just try practising again at home.  But, that didn’t go so well yesterday.  Well….maybe I can go tonight, though there’s not really any class I want to go to in particular.  And then it messes with our dinner-time. Maybe I’ll skip it.  Oh, just GO!  Get off your butt and go already!

With barely 10 minutes to spare I race upstairs, change, grab a towel, some water and my mat and off I go!

The best thing.  I eased into the room.  Settled on my mat and began.  Minutes later, sweat poured down the front of my shirt.  The back of my shirt.  Around my shoulders.  Down my face.

Ahhhhh, felt so good!

Back home again.  Dear daughter still sleeping but I had to get her up soon.  Into the shower.  On with my day.  Though it’s already past 11am so plans were made for lunch and I tidied things up a little.

Dear daughter and I ate.  There’s nothing quite like having your mom make chicken noodle soup for you when you have a cold and sore throat.

Next I was off again to collect the boys from school.  As I was in traffic across from their school, I passed by 3 men who were sitting, squatting in the construction mess in the median of the road.  Two of them looked up at me as I slowly drove by.  I’m not sure why they’re sitting there but feel it must be awful having work in those kind of places.  In those kind of conditions.

Then as I waited at the traffic lights I saw another group of  workers who walk by the same spot each day, at this same time, presumably back to their accommodations for their lunch break. I began to think about their work life. How they live here.  The fact that they live away from their families for years, in other countries, trying to make a living.  In harsh circumstances, harsh work conditions, a harsh environment.

They are much better than I in accepting their life for what it is.

I’m almost done reading the 2nd book in the Millenium Trilogy, The Girl Who Played with Fire, so I had taken it along to read while I waited for the boys.  As I was about 10 minutes early I began to read and within about 5 minutes could feel the weight of my eyes needing to close.  I took off my glasses, closed the book and shut my eyes.  Even 5 min naps can be most worthwhile.

Soon enough the boys arrived and began their complaints about school and we set out for home.

Dropping them off, I immediately started to head out to the mall as I needed to pick up a couple of things from Marks & Spencer.  Plus, I needed to get gas.

But wait.  The gardener was outside the gate.  He  wants to be paid.  I also needed to tell him what work needs to be done, seeing as I picked up all those bags of cow poop and brought them home yesterday!  He’ll need to mix it in with our soil.  Yuck, what a smell!  I always thought camel poop was bad, but this stuff was somehow worse.

Our gardener is Afghani and speaks no English.  He’s worked here in our compound for as long as I can remember but there’s been no improvement in his English.  Neither, has there been much improvement in my Arabic.  So best as I could, I described what I wanted him to do.  Mostly using hand gestures. I think we understood one-another.  We’ll see.

Along the drive to the mall I noticed a new structure over by Aspire Stadium.  I wondered what it’s for?  I recall seeing some signage about a big sporting event being held here in January, I think. Perhaps it’s tied into that.  Or maybe it’s something to do with the country’s bid for the 2022 World Cup Soccer.

Quickly got my shopping done.  Though of course, what I was looking for at M & S wasn’t to be found on the shelves today.

To the gas station.  While waiting for my gas to fill I noticed a man carrying a long, steel pole with a foam cushion tied around one end.  I presumed he was going to use it as a dip-test to measure the fuel stored underground. While looking at him, he began to pick his nose.  Not 5 feet in front of me!  Also in front of all the other people/cars whose tanks were being filled.  Then he did one of those nose-blows, ‘snot-rocket’ things, into the air!  And another! Wiped his hand on his shirt. Then another.  Then picked the corner of his shirt and wiped his nose with that.  Ewwwwww!  That was so gross.

Just as it was time for me to drive away he began to pick out all the dirt and garbage from around the man-hole cover where he would take the measurements.  I had to honk my horn to see if he would move slightly so I could pass.  He did.  He stood up and moved and gave me a big smile….

Leaving the parking lot and about to enter the main road I notice a big white Landcruiser 4×4 heading the wrong way down the slip-road about to run into me.  Always on the look out for such random driving habits of the locals, I let him pass and drive safely on the street.

I returned home to find the manure had been moved.  I wonder if perhaps my instructions had been misunderstood. He’s already started to prepare the soil. But, he’s gone again.

Hopefully he understood to wait until I remove the plants we no longer want in the garden, before he starts mixing the soil with the manure.

Dear daughter was still on the couch feeling pretty lousy.  I told her how unsuccessful my shopping trip was as they didn’t have the two things I was looking for.

But, … there are Christmas cards on the shelves …..

She smiled.