It’s just what I see …..  another slice of my world, this past week.    

Celebrating the first week back at school.  More new beginnings, both good and bad.  

We went to Chingari’s restaurant for dinner on Thursday night to celebrate the end of our kids first week back at school.  They’re teenagers and have to be up between 5 and 5:30am for school. It’s still really hot and humid outside.  So, I was feeling a little sorry for them and wanted to do a little something special at the end of the week to show appreciation for their efforts in not being too grouchy or hard to get up in the morning.  Plus, any opportunity I can find for a meal at our favorite Indian restaurant…. is worth exploring!   

Table centerpiece at Chingari's restaurant

 At the end of the meal, the restaurant staff presented us with these little elephants as gifts.  Thanks! 


One new beginning I referenced above is my yoga teacher training started this week. Which is a good thing.  These are some of the books for assigned reading.  We’re still waiting on two  more (one on anatomy and one on Ashtanga yoga) to arrive.   Oh, how I love learning!   

How We Live Our Yoga, is authored by my teacher Valerie Jaremijenko. The other is our primary reference book!

The other new beginning is not so great.  They’re about to start major road/tunneling construction from where we live, up to where our kids’ school is. What is a 5 minute drive without traffic (on a Friday, for instance) and is a 30 minute drive battling traffic each morning, …. well, I can only imagine what it’s going to be like very soon!

Gardener working at the r/about. Not sure why as I think this will all be ripped up shortly.

More workers tidying up around the trees on the median. It's never been looked after before, why bother now?

One of the busiest r/abouts in the city, right by the kids' school, where they're about to begin construction

This is only going to get worse

Wouldn't be so bad EXCEPT when guys like this on the right cut in from the shoulder lane

Getting there.... almost home.

Spoke too soon. More vehicles trying to just get on the road...any which way they can!

First thing oldest son does after school is give our Abbey a little snuggle!

Yesterday, temperature was STILL +45C

Today - I'm not sure about the temperature but the humidity is gone so maybe I can finally sit outside again! Yahoo!!!!

Please, please let this be a sign of cooler weather to come.  Surely it should almost be that time of year again!