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The first day of spring in other parts of the world, is cause for celebration.  Today, signaling perhaps the end of another long, hot summer, felt similar to me.  Let the celebration begin!!!!

After months of temperatures too high for this lady to venture much outdoors, I was finally able to go out for a walk. I’m not great for exercise in the morning but I figured I needed to be out early, before it got too hot.  With good intentions I was up about 5:45am.  A cup of coffee later and I was headed out the door by 6:30.  Checking the temperature in the car along the way, it read +32.  Not too bad at all.  Our house windows were clear this morning of their usual sheet of sweat that is humidity.

I looked forward to stepping out on the grass following my 5 minute drive to the park.  If you wonder why I have to drive to the park, rather than walk there…. you’ve probably never visited the streets of Qatar. 

I was off.  It’s always inspiring to be out in nature, even if it’s one that’s been transplanted.

(I hadn’t planned on taking photographs, so you’ll have to bear with these taken from my mobile phone.)

The first thing I noticed was a huge electronic sign that has, since my last visit here a few months back, been erected in he middle of the park.  Now, they already have fake wilderness sounds piped in, but I had to wonder what the screen was for?

Further along I noticed the ducks still were still around, swimming in the man-made lakes. They are transplanted here as well, but I must admit I enjoy seeing some ‘wildlife’.  It’s about the only kind you see here, other than geckos.  One seemed to have caught himself a fish.  Though the fish looked like he’d been dead some time now. 

I tried to capture this sign, but the print doesn’t show up so well given the bright sunlight in the morning.  It contains all the rules, all the things you’re not allowed to do.  Most made sense but there was one that said ‘no sitting’.  No sitting?  In the park?  Or do they not want you to sit in the water?  I was confused by that one.

I was starting to get into the groove by now…. or at least breaking into a sweat.  It’s a little warm, still.  Below is the walking path I follow. 

I love these trees, all fat in the trunk!   Just like us, trees are not all built the same.  Someone told me these trees are from Australia (pls correct me if I’m wrong here).

Whoosh!  Loads of sprinklers trying madly to soak water into the dry soil.  I wonder how much water is used each day to keep the grass looking like this?

Was really starting to feel the heat now and could have used a rest.  The bench looked inviting but – I – needed – to – keep – going.

Decided I had enough, so was on my way out.  It sure is beautiful here.  I’ve missed it.

Wait.  Can you believe this?  Someone has just left their rubbish on the lawn, as I passed by this point before and it was not scattered here earlier.  And see? Just 2m further along is the garbage bin! Typical of many here with the mentality that they are not responsible for their own mess, but that “someone else” should pick it up.

Oh well.  I forced myself  to look beyond all that and took in the scenery.  Listened to the sound of the water.

I wanted to actually sit upon grass before leaving so pulled up a spot of shade, under a tree. 

And so the day begins.  Or as I’m writing this, it ends. 

A good day.  An easy day.  A walk in the park.