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Image by princess toadie via Flickr

Our tour guide Seamus provided us with the Danish word Hygge, while on our Segway Tour of Copenhagen with him.  

I use the word all the time now, though I know its expression has always been a part of me.  

What I recalled of his definition was that Hygge is a place lit by candles that feels cozy.  Warm. Relaxing. Inviting.  From what this says, I almost had it right.  

Hygge [‘hoo-ga’]: is a deep sense of place & well-being; a feeling of friendship, warmth, contentment and peace with your immediate surroundings.  

It usually involves lots of candles and cosyness, but the word can be used to describe much, much more than that.  It could just as easily be used to describe a hygge-conversation, or a hygge-weekend, or a hygge piece of furniture. I suppose it’s whatever brings you that sense of well-being ….

I light candles every night.  Yes, every night.  As a bare minimum.  I sometimes add incense or soft music to the background.  There is something about these things that warms the atmosphere. 

Perhaps it’s the symbolism of light.  

Or maybe it brings us back to a time when life was simple.  When we weren’t bombarded by bright images, electronics, sounds and explosions that now seem to blast through our living and dining rooms.  Invading.  Invasive.  Creeping into our lives until we become so accustomed to all the background noise, we can no longer sit in the silence.  

I strike a match, light the wick and settle in for some peace, quiet and serenity.  

Throughout my travels I find there are always those things that stick with me from each place.  Or I am intrigued by.  Or I learn to adopt into my own life, culture and traditions.  This word is surely one of them.  

What else did I like about Denmark in our brief couple of days there?  The style to be found there.   

The dress seems casual, loose, comfy.  


It is a healthy lifestyle.  People on their boats, bikes and doing much walking and talking.  


or maybe some dancing….

Their homes?  From what I could see they were tidy, colorful and well-kept.  But simple.  (Quite the opposite of what you find in Qatar where everything is extravagant, big-is-better, palatial and showy.)  


I didn’t see many chain stores or restaurants.  Even in Copenhagen I had trouble spotting them, though I suppose they would be found in the malls…wherever they were.   We mostly travelled past small, unique places….. all tucked-in-nice-and-cosy.   

All a little Hygge I think.  

All a little bit divine, to me… 


If you’re ever in Copenhagen, be sure to have Seamus take you on a tour.  It is the best way to see the city and the most FUN we’ve ever had on a city tour!  With speakers in the helmets, Seamus describes all of what you’re seeing along the way.  Below are a couple of brief videos – check them out!   (A bit of a dipsy doodle mid-way through the first one but as you can see it’s a great way to get around quickly and easily.)  We also went through some gorgeous parks along the way….. the kind of places you can never experience on a tour bus!