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You can call me one of the lucky ones.

  • Usually the heartbreaker, not the heartbroken.
  • Winner of small things.  Box seats for the ball games, a ring, a watch, a box full of items from a craft bazaar (twice!).
  • Having twins.
  • Marrying the nice guy.
  • Being tall, thin and blonde.  (Well, not necessarily all those things anymore.)
  • Did well enough in school.
  • Good at sports.
  • Well liked on the job. (Again, …..mostly)
  • Able to travel – a lot!

So to many, I am the lucky one.   Perhaps I am with some things I suppose.  But for the most part, I see it another way.

With most of these things; the guy, the school, the life, there is generally a choice involved.  And they have not always been the right or best ones at the time.  I have made blunders.  I have hurt people. 

I made huge mistakes when I was younger, in school.  Such foolish days.

I made better choices later in life.  Like marrying my husband.  Having kids.  Always trying to be a good mom.  Moving overseas. Working hard.  Loving life.  Being optimistic.

Still, other poor choices along the way.  Particularly when it’s comes to some jobs I’ve taken.

I think I’ve been ‘offered the job’ following every interview I’ve ever had.  And I have had many interviews.  Therefore many offers, and (no surprise here) many jobs!  And here I sit again today, with another choice, about another job.  Lucky me.

I was thinking today that I have always accepted the offers.  I have always taken the job.  Though I may have negotiated the details, I don’t think I’ve ever just said “no-thanks”

I wrote about this particular scenario/new job prospect a month or so back and wasn’t keen on the idea then.  I’ve now had both some time away and further discussions my prospective employer. I can do the job.  My employers seem like great people.  It looks to be an exciting new business opportunity – for them.  They’ve upped the ante with regards to my salary.  They ‘like me’.  But for me, if I just look at The Job, it’s not at all what I want to be doing. 

Of all the things in my life, my career-path or finding a work-related outlet for my enthusiasm, work ethics, skills, smarts, passion, creativity, and ideas is what I struggle with most.  So maybe I need to make a different choice. 

Simply put, today I said no-thanks.