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It’s just what I see…   

This week – a stroll in the park, new real estate, the Trade Fair, out with the old & in with the new, what to eat, glitzy malls, World Cup, hot-hot-hot outside, Father’s Day.   

Some kind of fungus in my front flower bed... no idea what it is

A stop at my old running track at Aspire. Too hot out these days....

Luscious green football pitch, though no-one can use it except Aspire folks!

Aspire training facilities. For education and sports training of future Qatari athletes

Date palm tree, almost ready for harvesting

Look waaaay up!

A house under construction, complete with it's own mosque

Just the mosque

Just the house. Notice the size, in comparison to the construction vehicles out front

Somewhat different. Will be interesting to see this compound (?) when finished

Another biggie. Notice the size of vehicles compared to the house

Dear friend took me to the Trade Fair.  Said I shouldn’t miss it, as I’ve yet to go to one and it was the last day! We went first thing in the morning to beat the crowds.  By mid-afternoon and late into the evening it will be packed full of people!    

There was a little of everything for sale but the most interesting sight for me was the perfumed creams below.  They looked like ice cream sundaes or big bowls of pudding.  Up close, more like heaps of colored Vaseline!  Their smells were unique as well. 

Looks like colored vaseline to me....but is all kinds of perfume!

Sentence structure isn't always quite right

ooh la la! I guess you can't tell a book by it's cover around these parts....

no, not alcohol in the decanters, but more perfume

and the perfumes in raw form

Gorgeous lights from Turkey. I have yet to buy one...

A mix of metal and ceramic? Beautiful!

Always a 'slicer & dicer' at trade shows

Fully embellished. I bet it weighs a ton!

Dear friend and I couldn’t figure out what these were for but people were certainly buying them all!  My guess is Qatari’s use them in their homes for when female family or friends come to visit.  If appropriate to remove their abayas, they use these fancy-dancy frames to hang them all on!  What do you think?   

Hooks on crushed velvet, in golden frames...

Up close for a better look

Moroccan booth. I bought a couple small bowls and a decorative tangine here

Dear Friend figured this stool should be for my dear husband

Souvenir mugs and pics?

Back to the streets.    

Tearing down many of the old shops....

and in with the new.... fast food chains!

Busy breakfast location on a Friday morning

The old feel of the city still remains…..    

Butcher shop in old Doha

Or if you're looking for some fresh chicken...

Lots for sale at the 'Estiqlal for Chicken Sell' shop

Or maybe you want some good ol' Rotten Ronnies's from the Car Hop!

Moving on from the old part of town, to the bright lights of a city mall.    

Cartier, Tiffany & Co., Porsche


World Cup fever in the neighborhood!

+53C today - that is waaaaaaay too hot!

Last but not least.  A little Father’s Day celebration for the BEST dad I happen to know……    

All the warm wishes....

Kids looking on (of course, kid #3 would have nothing to do with pics)

Then, after dessert dear hubby saying…..I don’t think there is anything better than fresh Pavlova……    

Pavlova - better than ALMOST anything!

What??????   You mean to say Pavlova’s better than family?  Than your cards?  Than your gifts? 
Well maybe,  just maybe…… It was pretty delicious!