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I keep believing I need to give up my magazine habit, but each day I spot a new one on the shelf and quite easily find justification for buying it.  

Yesterday, the latest issue of a local women’s magazine lay in front of me.  I justified buying this one as it has current, local information and therefore I can at least pretend to be somewhat ‘in the know’ about my community.  It’s also one the of least expensive here at about $5 so I buy it! 

Low and behold, I’m in it! 

telling it as I see it!

Standing there with that “telling it like it is” expression!  My passion-filled opinionated self, spilling on to the page.  

The article in the magazine is about women’s roles.  In case you can’t read the caption, it goes like this: 

A participant at a female professional development workshop discusses her work related stress.  The women are lined up in a spectrum, on one side “being”, on the other “doing”.  She is at the very end – only “doing” right now in her life and career.  The ideal position lies in the middle of the spectrum.  There the balance of both will give you happiness at work and home, according to the workshop facilitator. 

Actually, I was the only person at the BEING end of the spectrum having quit my job and the corporate world about 6 months earlier.  But I won’t complain about the fact they have what I was saying,….BACKWARDS.  Never let it be known that I want to MAKE A POINT about something, or correct someone who is obviously wrong. 

Just after the workshop I tried to write about it, but couldn’t quite capture it all.  It sits as one of many ‘drafts’ here on my blog site. 

Let’s just say I was inspired, affirmed, connected, networked, informed and engaged all within the span of about 8 hours, amongst the other 100 women attendees.  Both magical and serendipitous moments transpired for me on that day so having a picture expressing how I felt in one, adds to the memory.  I will stash the picture away with all those other cards, articles, pictures, keepsakes that make up a life.  

But picture or no picture, the lessons from that day are skimming along on the surface of all that I do now. The $100 I spent on registration for the workshop and the $5 spent on the magazine were worth it. 

Now I have to somehow justify the other $$$$  I spend each month on magazines…..