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Today while driving along a song came on the radio that I haven’t heard for years. 

It was to be one of the First Dances we had together at our reception, when dear husband and I were married. 

I say supposed to, because we had three particular songs picked out to dance to and this one, You Got It, the DJ forgot to bring along.  I not only love the lyrics and meaning of the song, but to me it’s just fun and upbeat.  What I wanted the DAY to be!

Our First Dance as husband and wife, was to this classic by Louis Armstrong.

After hearing these songs, I was trying to remember the third song we chose, but couldn’t.  I figured we must have it kicking around on an old cassette tape (if you can imagine) so took a quick look and sure enough it was there. 

As soon as it started to play I remembered it well.  Dear husband used to sing it to me while playing his guitar.  Yeah, try NOT to fall in love with someone when he’s singing you this song with all his heart!

What were some of the songs that played at your wedding?  Can you remember? 

It’s always amazing to me how listening to music can bring you right back to a moment in time. Clear as day.  With all the feelings and emotions that went with it.  No matter how long ago it was.