Funny how you start something and then it quickly becomes a habit.

I continued with taking pictures of what I have been consuming this past week, but was not perhaps as diigent as in prior weeks.  Particularly when it came to keeping track of snacks.

Sunday, 2 May

bkfst: Ric's - eggs, panfries, ham, Texas toast

lunch: Kraft Dinner

dinner: chili con carne, rice, corn

Snacks:   handful of almonds, granola bar, small bag Lays S & V chips

Exercise:  none

Monday, 3 May

bkfst: toasted tomatoe sandwich

lunch: ramen noodles, carrots, green beans, cauliflower

Dinner:  McDonald’s McChicken, fries, diet coke

Exercise:  50 minute walk

Snack:  granola bar, buttered popcorn, almonds

Tuesday, 4 May

bkfst: granola w/banana

lunch: toast, omlette - onion, cheese, gr pepper

dinner: lasagna, dinner rolls

Wednesday, 5th May

Breakfast:  granola bar

lunch: ramen noodles, carrots, broccoli

dinner: beef bourguignon, rice, corn, dinner roll

Snacks: Lays pot chips, mixed nuts, peach, apple, 2 lindt choc, 2 glasses red wine

Exercise:  60 min brisk walking

Thursday, 6th May

Breakfast:  granola w/raisins

Lunch:  I forget!

Dinner:  TGIF – chicken fajitas, buffalo wings (5)

Snacks:  almonds, soyabeans, Oreo cookies,

Exercise:  nada

Friday, 7th May

Breakfast:  Ric’s Country Kitchen – short stack of blueberry pancakes, bacon

lunch: norlander bread, apple, parmesan cheese

dinner: cheese nachos w/sour cream, salsa, guac and green salad

Snacks:  2 lindt choc, 1 after eight, soya beans, mixed nuts, cookies, red wine.

snack: cookies 'almost' like my Nana used to make

snack: cookies & coffee

Exercise:  again, nada!

Saturday, 8th May

Breakfast:  toast w/peanut butter

Lunch:  le Pain Quotidien – lenti soup w/assorted breads

Dinner:  Mother’s Day dinner at Le Grille, Diplomatic Club.  Yum!

starter: Atlantic prawns w/avocado

main: 7oz. beef tenderloin, w/peppercorn, bernaise, mushroom sauces

accompanying potatoes: mashed, dauphinoise, steak fries, sauteed baby potaotes

snacks:  almonds, soya beans, red wine w/dinner

Exercise:  60 minutes yoga

Lessons Learned:

1. Whether by writing it down or taking a quick snapshot, I eat better if I keep a record of it.  I think twice about the choice I’m making before I put something in my mouth.

2. I eat fairly healthy but I eat too much.  Portions are too large.

3. I am gaining weight rather than maintaining or losing anything.  Not sure if this is related to number 2, or the fact that there was little happening in the exercise department.  I am going to have to step it up in that area.

4. Still not enough fruit intake.