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Can a person be too full? 

I ate too much at dinner last night, something I haven’t done in a while.  But I had a good excuse.  It was a special Mother’s Day meal with my family.

This morning, I step into my new office.  Down, down the stairs and voila!  There it is. Let me show it to you…..

Sitting in my blue-jean shorts, tank top and sandals at our dining room table (that would be my desk). I turn my head slightly to the right and gaze out the window into the front yard.  It’s still cool enough in the early morning so I crack open the window and listen to the birds.  As the outside air heats up I’ll have to close it again so maybe I’ll put on a little soft background music, light a candle for inspiration and continue with my work day.   Bliss.

Yes, I have found a new line of work or should I say, it’s found me.  And it’s going to be done mostly from my home. 

How did all of this happen so fast?  I am bursting. Like the trees I passed in the park the other day. 

I’ve not seen trees like these in bloom, here before.

Bursting with life, color, growth.  At just the right moment in time…. reaching up and out, spreading their limbs to catch the rays of the sun, the warmth of the day.  Life abounding. 

This desert of mine has somehow bloomed and at this moment I am full of its magnificence!