To continue with my notion of tracking the food I eat by taking a picture of it, you’ll see Week 2 was not quite the same as what I consumed in Week 1.  

You’d think this would be a time-consuming task but I’m finding it to be quite the opposite.  I find myself thinking less about what I eat than when I was consciously trying to ‘watch’ what I ate.  I’m just not bothered about it much.  Or again, maybe I’ve just been busy with other things this past week.  My kids just think I’m a bit weird always taking a picture of my food, but they think that of me most of the time anyways! ha!   

Sunday, 18 April 

granola w/banana


Amy's organic 3-bean & pasta soup, granery bread, Perrier w/lemon


Canned soups are so gross compared to home-made.  Soups always seem like they’re difficult to make, but in reality only take about 20 – 30 minutes. And the taste – waaaaay better! (sorry Amy!) 

Prego spaghetti, parmesan cheese, dinner roll


decided to make cinnamon buns - what a load of butter & sugar!


Snacks:  handful mixed nuts, granny smith apple, cinnamon bun, glass red wine w/dinner 

yummy w/my evening coffee!


exercise:  40 laps in the pool. OK I needed to calculate just how far this is.  I think our pool is 20m length, so that is 800m or almost 1km. Right? 

Monday, 19 April 

bkfst: granola w/banana


ramen noodles, broccoli, carrots


dinner: baaaaaaad choice having McD's!


Snacks: granola bar, cinnamon bun w/icing 

and if there wasn't enough calories already, let's add some icing!!!


Exercise:  60 minutes – walking with a little jogging thrown in from time to time. 

Tuesday, 20 April 

bkfst: toast w/pb


lunch: tomato sand on grainery bread, cucumbers, parmesan cheese


chicken sausage hotdog, oriental salad


Snacks:  OMG far too many!  What happened today?  Handful of nuts, handful of soybean nuts, ice cream, 2 Lindt chocolate, 1/2 mini bounty, a few chips and popcorn!  What’s the date?  A little too early for this, me thinks????? 

ice cream bar - and I don't normally eat ice cream


ruffle chips


Exercise:  30 minutes swimming – didn’t count laps 

Wednesday, 21 April 

bkfst: granola w/raisins


lunch: ramen noodles, carrots, broccoli


dinner: Shepherd's pie, looks kinda gross actually but everyone liked it


Snacks: 12 almonds, soybeans, granola bar, apple, glass red wine, 2 Lindt choc w/coffee after dinner 

Exercise:  30 minutes swimming 

Thursday, 21 April 

bkfst: granola w/raisins


Lunch: Doha Golf Cub –  1 small piece of Quiche of some kind, 2 small wraps,  1 prawn on crostini and didn’t eat the dessert! 

dinner: Papa Johns veg pizza w/less cheese


Snacks:  mini snickers bar w/coffee at dinner, 2 glasses red wine 

Exercise: none 

Friday, 23 April 

Breakfast:  Ric’s Country Kitchen – 2 pancakes, 4 pieces turkey bacon, loads of coffee! 

lunch: ramen noodles, broccoli, carrots


making home-made TORTILLAS  for dinner!!!! 

tortilla dough ready to be rolled out


frying them up


ready to eat!


dinner: burritos, chips w/salsa, guacamole, sour cream


Snacks:  handful of almonds, handful of soybeans, cantaloupe 

Exercise:  none 

Saturday, 24 April 

bkfst: toast w/pb


Lunch:  Paul’s restaurant – green salad, grilled veg sand, bread 

dinner: sweet & sour chicken, rice, stir-fry veggies


Snacks:  almonds, angel food cake, w/whip cream, strawberries & blueberries, glass of red wine 

angel food cake, strawberries, blueberries - yum!


Exercise:  90 minutes yoga (absolutely, positively, fantastic! ) 

Lessons learned:  The week most definitely confirms to me what is pretty obvious.  What I eat affects how I feel.  Not only physically, but emotionally.  When I eat crap, my body feels worse for it.  But I also feel like I’ve let myself down knowing that I shoulda, coulda made a better choice. 

Still not snacking as much as in the past.  Not sure why, but this is a real change for me as I have always eaten a snack at regular intervals throughout the day, mostly to keep my blood sugar regulated.  Maybe I’ve outgrown the need for this, or maybe I don’t need them all the time due to what I am eating, or not eating, these days.
I do love to cook! 
We have eaten burritos probably once a month for years.  However, I have never considered making my own tortilla wraps until I read a homesicktexan’s blog and it looked to be so easy.  Knowing that the ones we buy are usually stiff and taste like cardboard, I figured on giving it a try.   It was fairly easy and they were so much better!!!

I have also never attempted to make my own cinnamon buns from scratch.  I think I made some years ago when we had a breadmaker make the dough.  I don’t like all the butter and sugar required, so doubt if this is something I will make often.  The dough in these were great…. but they were not sticky, gooey, or flavorful enough.  I have such fond memories of eating my Nana’s home-made cinnamon buns…out at the lake, coming fresh from the wood-burning stove  that I’ll have to try and get my hands on her recipe.