Dear husband took a personal day off work today, so was home with me while the kids were at school.  That hasn’t happened very often over the past 17 years we’ve had children, or the past 11 years they’ve been in school.  He never takes sick days, let alone personal days.  Even if he was home, in years past, I would have been at work.

This time, last year in Lombok. Still a spark?

Afterwards, dear daughter asked me, “How was your day today, having Dad at home with you?”

“Well, it was fine” I chuckled.  “I don’t think we’ll kill each other or anything once we retire and are home alone together.” 

“That’s good”, she says.  “You have to be careful, as some people lose the spark between them when the kids leave home and it’s only the two of you left together…..”

As a friend of mine would say, “she cracks me up!”