It’s been a hard week for the kids, getting back into the school routine after 2 weeks off.  Two kids went back to bed as they were so tired and I am such a pushover.  I offered to take them in after first break, to give them a couple more hours sleep.  Youngest son had an exam first thing so needed to go in. Though he was feeling oh so tired, as well.  

As we were pulling out of the compound this morning he said, “those people should do something about their trees.”  

“Why is that?”  

“Because they’re huge and really in the way.”  

I left it at that continuing on our way, trying to ease my way out of the compound and into the rows of traffic that greet me first thing each day.  

Coming home after dropping him off I remembered his comment, so thought I’d take a look to see WHAT he was talking about.  

the trees, what trees?

 “Oh, those trees!!” 

I must pass by this house 6-10 times a day and not once have I ever noticed the size of their trees.  Talk about not paying attention!