Last night I was reading a ladies magazine before hitting the hay.  Like most of these mags there isn’t a lot to read within their pages to begin with, so when I came upon the article called “Training Days” it peaked my interest.  

Food obsessed and freewheeling – Julie Power conquers her deep-rooted fear of fitness to get in the best shape of her life.  Photographed by Annie Leibovitz.  

An article about someone obsessed with food (as I am definitely NOT obsessed with food) and getting in shape was timely, but also, I am a huge fan of Annie Leibovitz’ photography.  

But picture, what picture?  No picture?  

pg 264

I look again at the slice-of-a-picture. It’s a black and white photo of…. nothing really.  A wall?  I don’t get it.  

The caption by the partial-photo reads “Naked Ambition”.  

First clue. 

Check the page number – 264 

Check the page number on the right – 267  

Second clue. 

DRAT!  They’ve done it again!!!!!!! 

Twice this has happened lately.  I don’t mind so much if the censors here take their black felt pens and strike through a women’s midriff, shoulders, thighs or something possibly worse as it’s deemed inappropriate and offensive, but do they have to tear out whole pages of print? 

pg 267

I just checked Vogue magazine on-line to see if I can read it there, but it’s not posted so I’m out of luck.  The article is about Julie Powell  from Julie & Julia fame and the picture is that of a Canadian model by the name of Daria Werbowy

If anyone’s listening, …… next time you’re ripping out pages could you please let me know so I don’t waste my money in future?  Like maybe on the front cover, leave a sticky note saying “page 265-266 removed due to censorship issue”, or something to that effect? If I’m paying top dollar here for magazines, which in this case happens is QR43 (almost $12!!!) I’d like to be able to read the thing.
Thank you.  Rant over.