After I dropped our two boys home after school today I turned the car around to head off to Aramex to collect a package. I also needed to pick up dear daughter from the school within the hour.

Traffic was heavy, as usual. As is typical practise here by some if traffic is busy, rather than waiting like everyone else in the rows upon rows of traffic, there are those that like to bypass the system and take the ‘slip’ or side roads to gain an advantage.

lots of traffic - slip road is clear on the right

However, rain poured down two days ago and there was an area along this road where the water was like a small lake. When taking the side road vehicles found they had to navigate through the water a little.

slip road turns into a lake...

I had to laugh because for one driver, it wasn’t enough that the street traffic wasn’t moving fast enough for him but also those taking the side-route were also not moving as quickly as he wished. So he took it upon himself to pass a slow moving vehicle, venturing out even further into the ‘lake’.

trying to get ahead, even through the water

Following him was a police cruiser who also must have been in a hurry!

police getting ahead... must have been an emergency!

This is another example of why many here choose to drive a big, powerful, Toyota Land Cruiser. Not only can you go off-road, over and around all the sand dunes, but they will even take you speeding through lakes!

Waiting for the light to change and traffic to start moving again, I was thankful for the entertaining distraction along the way.