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Day 28.  Tragedy of enormous proportion nearby.  19 people, including 13 children, 4 teachers and 2 firefighters are dead from a fire at Villaggio Mall, a 5 minute drive from our home.  We frequent it most days.  Our daughter was there the day before the fire. Details can be found herehere and here.

Mixed emotions. Disbelief, sadness and despair.  Feelings of anguish for what the family and friends of those whose loved ones died, must be struggling with.

Day 29. Teaching two yoga classes today.

In the morning, class finally begins after 10 minutes of discussion about the fire. Each of us needing to talk about it.

As part of my teaching plan, I begin with slow movements, counting aloud during each breath…. “Inhale…2…3…4.   Exhale…2…3…4”.  We start to settle in. In rhythm, steady like a metronome.  I feel in synch with the others.  In union.  For most of the class, we move with this slow, purposeful, calming breath. At least it feels that way to me.  It is quiet, subdued.

After experiencing such strong and mixed emotions at the beginning of the day I feel in a much better place by the end of class.  I hope my students do as well.

The second class to teach was later in the afternoon; Teen Yoga.

We didn’t have any discussion beforehand.  I didn’t want to bring it up.  I wanted them to have a break from it all.

Again, starting our yoga practice in much the same way as described above.   But then I push them a little harder than usual, continuously moving to keep their minds occupied and focused.

Who knows what’s going on in their bodies and minds as we move together; our bodies, our breath. For me, it was a few moments of refuge from the external chaos that had wounded the serenity and safety of so many lives.

The rest of the day, immersed in thoughts and news and talking about what has happened.