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We may go into this wondering what it’s going to take to get us through?  What’s going to happen along the way?

We can’t know the answers.

Most often when we begin something new we have no idea what it’s going to be like.  What actual effort and commitment is required?  If we’re up to the task?

What I’ve come to know over the years is to trust. Trust in the process.  Trust that the world will work with you and not against you.  Trust that if you’re forging ahead it is most likely what’s meant to be and if not, we may learn valuable lessons along the way so all is not lost.

We can’t be sure of anything in this life.  Everything is a moving target.  Undefinable, unknowing.

Which is why it is important for us to learn not to be attached to anything.  Expectations. Guarantees.

I didn’t go into this with any set expectations.  25 days in I’m not yet sure of outcomes.  Yes, there are obstacles.  Yes, I see changes.

At the moment, Day 25, this is a lesson in commitment.  Following through. Staying true to your word.  Knowing and doing what has to be done.

It is another lesson to:  Trust. Life. A little bit.