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I don’t know how many people I’ve talked to lately when the subject of yoga comes up they reply saying they love it!  But…. can’t seem to get around to it.  They practiced years ago but now can’t seem to find the time.  Or the motivation.  They keep thinking about trying it but presume they’re just not flexible enough.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that (because I’ve said it too).   But what’s it going to take to make you take the step and just begin? 

When my husband and I moved to Qatar we came with a spirit of adventure.  We had no idea what to expect.  Once settling here we realized one of the added bonuses was the variety of travel opportunities available in the Middle East.  Suddenly we were in close proximity to Europe, Asia, Africa – all kinds of new and exciting places!

We soon decided to take advantage of this opportunity and do all the travelling we could with our three young children.  Rather than going home all the time  we bypassed that somewhat and used our leave and travel allowance to take us on new adventures around the world.

Some of what influenced this decision was watching and hearing people talking all the time about travelling … when they retired.  The problem being, as far as we could tell, was once retired we may not be physically well enough to travel.  We might not have the desire to travel.  Or, we might not have the money or close proximity to places as we currently have.  Rather than wait….we made the conscious decision to just get at it!  Which we’ve done.

It’s rather like people saying they’ll be happy when they lose 20 pounds.  Or they’ll get to the gym maybe…..next month.  Or they’ll finally feel secure when they’ve amassed $250,000 or maybe $4 million or whatever the number might be for them.  Or they’ll get around to that once they’ve finally paid off their house.

I sometimes think people are unhappy because we’re always waiting, …. to be happy.  Always waiting for the right person to be in our life.  To lose the weight so we can feel good about ourselves.  To land the right job and title at work to finally feel like we’ve arrived, we’re important.  The bigger house.  The fat bank account.  The masses of stuff.  The perfect resume.  The coolest car.

The trouble is, we may never get there.  Or if/when we do, it still might not be enough.  Or we may fall sick or worse yet, die before any of it happens.  Before we can be happy.

Often, unfortunately, it takes some type of crises before we decide to take the leap of faith or courage or whatever it might be to make a change.

Rather than do more waiting….. for perhaps the perfect time, or a time of crisis, why not just do it?  Whatever it is for you, just start.  Pick it up, break through the perception that there will always be another time, a better time or more convenient time and just begin.  Wherever you are, however you can, just take a step forward.

For those participating in the 40 Day Yoga Challenge did you take the step today?  Did you stop questioning and arguing with yourself about whether or not you could do this, whether the timing was right or whatever your considerations or obstacles might be, and did you just get on your mat and practice a little today?

If you did, fantastic!  If you didn’t, well, tomorrow can be your beginning.

What’s it going to take to get you to do the things that will make a positive impact in your life?