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Outside in our front yard, casually sitting around as dinner was cooking tonight, oldest son starts telling us about his school day.

It’s usually sooooooo boring and today is more of the same.  Not unusual for an 18-year-old, heading into the last few weeks of school.

Today he picked up his school transcripts required for his university applications.  After looking them over, DH and I tell him how proud we are of him, of his efforts.  Maybe because of this conversation and how he feels about the compliments, he  expands on his day a little further.

He goes on to explain how today his geography teacher showed a ‘clip’ he made and posted on YouTube, to his geography class.

How did that happen?  What was it about?

Well, his teacher was searching for information about the recent disaster in Japan.  Turns out he came across what he thought was a good summary of what happened.  It happened to be ‘produced’ by someone in their class.

So we watch.

I can see by the date, our son made this almost a month ago.  Not that he told us.  Until today. Which tells me a few things about him.

He’s humble.

He loves to create.

He’s talented.

He’s a caring soul.

Not that I didn’t already recognize all of these character traits in him, but it only reaffirms to me his innate, caring and kind nature. That he is someone who feels connected to those around him and cares deeply about what happens in this world.  And he has a unique way of expressing it.

It’s a longish video by YouTube standards…. about 5 minutes.  But you don’t get to what I think is the best part until 3:19 into it.

So, what’s he doing in his spare time?

I cannot close without saying what is most important.

Please do what you can to help those not only suffering in Japan but elsewhere in this world, as well.

And – this is what dear son likes to do in his spare time.