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My instructor for yoga teacher training has been asking me for a couple of months now, when I would like to start teaching.  Most in our class have already started doing so.

Every other week she asks and I smile and either say I’ll let her know, or try my best to avoid answering or tell her directly that I don’t yet feel ready to do so.  The same again last night as I attended a yoga practise session.  She smiles back and offers me, yet again, patience in my process.

On the way home I bump into a neighbor.  She tells me she did in fact start taking the Intro to Yoga lessons, as she had been asking about my ‘journey’ a little while back and decided it was something she would like to try.

She said she loves it, but it’s been a little disjointed as there have been many different teachers, for many reasons, rather than having one with consistency to guide you through the eight-week intro program.

I totally get what she started talking about. Some pushed so hard.  She said many of the students didn’t understand how to breathe properly yet.  Teachers were doing things all too challenging for them.  I could relate, having only experienced my very own first ‘Intro to Yoga’ almost a year ago.  It was hard.  It was challenging.  It was difficult to learn the basics.  To learn, just Sun Salutation A or Surya-namaskara A as I now know it’s called, in Sanskrit.

Tonight our teacher sent out a notification of new courses being offered.  Within that are two upcoming Intro to Yoga courses.  I sent her a reply

Do you already have teachers assigned for the new Intro classes? I’m thinking that’s what I would like to teach…..

Most yoga teacher training courses will only ‘accept’ you if you’ve already been practicing for at least a couple of years.  When I registered for the course my teacher said we need all kinds of teachers, for all kinds of students.

I need to stop thinking about myself.  How will I look?  Can I do all these things?  How will I make it all work together?  Can I pull all the elements together – perfectly?

I cannot do many of the advance asanas.  I don’t usually practise shoulder stands.  I cannot fully back-bend.  My neighbor was pleased to know this.  That you don’t have to do all these things, measure up in some way, to do yoga.

Though I have learned so much.  The basics of the breath, the practise, the postures.  I work on the principles of my yoga, the yamas and niyamas.  I know if I choose to practise pranayama it can calm or awaken my body and mind, based on the method I choose to use. I cherish those moments of dharana and dhyana, usually only to be found for me, at the end of an intense asana practise.

I have seen it transform my body, my breath, my presence.  My ability to find stillness in what ever rough waters come my way during each day.

I want to help others to learn, know and experience the same.